5 Principles

  • The Right Communication

    We employ motivated people who look to impress and move up in their chosen profession. We offer and encourage staff to take advantage of our study programs to ensure their professional goals are met.

  • The Right Supervision Structure

    “Inspect what you expect”. Highly experienced supervisors and operational managers ensure cleaning staff are guided and mentored in the best cleaning methods.

  • The Right Scheduling

    Good time management is critical to deliver an efficient and cost effective service which in turn helps reduce your costs.

  • The Right Staff

    Staff, from cleaners through to executive management, are trained to listen to your needs and ask the right questions.  We use simple but  effective tools from communications books through to our managers actually speaking to our clients on a regular basis.

  • The Right Equipment and Materials

    Staff are armed with the best equipment and chemicals. We can ensure the chemicals we use meet the Green Seal standard and VOC rating required to comply with environmental policies.